Saturday, 2 February 2013

A fulfilled sewing wish

Hello all!

I remember drooling over this pattern when I was about 19 and have been wanting to make it up ever since. I didn't manage to get myself a copy before it went out of print though, however I recently found one on TradeMe and snapped it up.

I think this is the pattern that first got me hooked on the 1940s style. Here is my version, made from half price polyester suiting fabric from my favourite fabric store Arthur Toye and part of an old curtain.

I think the fabric I used was a bit too thick for that frilly bit but whatever. Plus I think I've finally mastered invisible zips, but for a tiny bit of buckling on one side at the bottom of it. Happens every time! Maybe will look up some online tutorials to learn how to avoid that.

This Wednesday is a public holiday and my bride's wedding is fast approaching, so with final measurements on their way soon, I'm going to use the free time to start on the epicness that is her dress. Since there was no beer in this post, there will definitely be beer in the next post. (I was drinking beer while sewing today but too shameful a brand to show online). But don't worry Becs, there won't be TOO much beer!

See you Wednesday peeps!

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