Sunday, 13 January 2013

New year, new sewing room, new blog!

Hey everyone!

I've moved house and have a sweet new sewing room all to myself so to celebrate I thought I'd get this new blog concept up and running. Facebook doesn't really give you many options, so instead of Costumes by Shannon I thought I'd give this sweet blogging tool a go, thanks to inspiration from American Duchess who by the way has a RAD blog.

Here's my new sewing room:

Check out that sweet rug I've got for the wooden floor, isn't it delish? I've hidden a bridesmaid's dress I'm currently working on under that white sheet, don't want to let the bride's secret out prematurely - you'll get to see them in April :) That's also not my cat, it's my flatmate's cat. My cat didn't want to agree to be in the photos.

I've also broken the room in already, with a dress made from retro Butterick pattern 5708 from 1953 to wear to another wedding next month.

Can you tell it's made out of an old duvet cover? Didn't think you would :)

Bear with me while I get the settings and format of this new site tweaked, but I endeavour to make more frequent posts now that I really have no excuse! Next post should have beer in it, too. Yes, beer.

'Til next time!

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