Sunday, 24 March 2013

Keeping to the pattern is for wusses

So, I didn't really like this tie-at-the-shoulder business on the dress I made to wear to my friend's wedding. I even tried to be inventive and do a twisty thing with them as per below.

But it was uncomfortable and cut into my shoulders, and the fabric was really too thick for them to sit nicely anyway. So today I decided to cut the little buggers off.

...And sewed the dress back together.
MUCH better!
Wedding is three weeks away and Operation Epic Bridal Gown is in its final stages. Are you excited? I am!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

My local opshop is the shiz

Hey everyone,

I can't really share anything I've been working on lately, as it's all rather secret squirrel. I can, however, show you one of the beers I had this weekend while I was working. It's organic, it's Kiwi-made, and it's yummy. It's Mike's Organic Lager.

I gave it a low-angle shot because it deserves to look awesome and epic.

Plus, guess what I scored down the local Vinnie's yesterday? A VINTAGE SINGER SEWING MACHINE, that's what! It's even had an electrical inspection and everything. Have yet to try and get it going (don't actually know how - will have to turn to google for advice on that) but I'm sure it will!

It's bloody heavy though, I had to take about six rest-stops on the way home with it. Unfortunately Better Half wasn't around to give me a hand. I still have sore shoulders. It was worth it though.

Now what I can show you, hopefully next post, is what I'll be wearing to this wedding. If I can decide, that is.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ein stein, danke.

Isn't this the coolest name for a beer ever? Pretty good brew, too. A tad bitter for my taste, but I guess you probably get that with a German beer. All beasty 500ml of it went down pretty nicely though.
That wall-hanging dressform behind it is a gift from my rad psuedo-mother-in-law Doris. After one of my previous posts she decided it was a shame to have my work hung on coathangers, and sent me two of these babies as a surprise. Isn't she awesome? I have my maroon 1940s dress displayed on the other one just out of frame.
Today I finally started work on version 2.0 of the 1938 suit jacket from Vintage Vogue 8767.
 I made one last year but my lack of curves didn't really suit it, so I gave it to a friend of mine, and aimed to tweak a second one more to my shape. Not far into it though, I knocked my iron off the ironing board and did this to my new carpet:
So there's no doubt now that that carpet is made of synthetic fibres. Then I ran out of interfacing, got my pattern pieces muddled up, and in an Alzheimer's moment, misplaced my last piece of lining and couldn't find it again. So that project swiftly went back in the do-another-day bucket.
Earlier in the day I was googling patchwork block templates in hopes of utilizing my collection of dozens and dozens of fabric cut-offs that I don't have the heart to throw out. My Better Half, who loves his cooking and even more loves re-use and resourcefulness, suggested I make him an apron out of the quilted scraps. For lack of finding a quilting block that I liked, the challenge was accepted. The only condition was that "Kiss The Chef" had to go on it. So after some quick measurements and a draft-up on an old sheet, I dumped all my scraps on the floor and set to work cutting squares. Somehow, I'm going to turn the pile on the right, into the shape on the left:
Little does Better Half know, he's going to be modelling this apron on the blog when it's finished.