Sunday, 17 March 2013

My local opshop is the shiz

Hey everyone,

I can't really share anything I've been working on lately, as it's all rather secret squirrel. I can, however, show you one of the beers I had this weekend while I was working. It's organic, it's Kiwi-made, and it's yummy. It's Mike's Organic Lager.

I gave it a low-angle shot because it deserves to look awesome and epic.

Plus, guess what I scored down the local Vinnie's yesterday? A VINTAGE SINGER SEWING MACHINE, that's what! It's even had an electrical inspection and everything. Have yet to try and get it going (don't actually know how - will have to turn to google for advice on that) but I'm sure it will!

It's bloody heavy though, I had to take about six rest-stops on the way home with it. Unfortunately Better Half wasn't around to give me a hand. I still have sore shoulders. It was worth it though.

Now what I can show you, hopefully next post, is what I'll be wearing to this wedding. If I can decide, that is.

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