Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Easy peasy.

So I smooshed together two patterns - one from the 1940s and one from the 1960s - to reach my desired design.

However I didn't alter the yolk properly so the neckline sits a little funny, and the ties aren't quite long enough. Not bad, though. I have a similar texture fabric with cats printed on it that I might use to make another :)

Since I got this made so promptly, I'm going to try and make a skirt to go with it too. The challenge WAS to make an outfit from each era, so a blouse alone isn't quite going to cut it. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August: 1930s blouse

I have twelve days to complete a project for August, so I've chosen a realistic item for that time - a 1930s blouse with bow-tied neckline a-la Upstairs Downstairs:




It's going to be made from a chiffon-type maroon fabric, so working with something that flimsy is going to be interesting...

Thursday, 14 August 2014

July: Regency-ish, not-quite Victorian

Yes, it's two weeks late, but better late then never, right? Here is my late-Regency/early-Victorian mish-mosh of a dress. As mentioned previously, it's from Butterick 5832, although I took some liberties with it. Love how the match of the contrast fabric worked, and I also refined my piping-construction skills. I have enough of this material to make another dress too. Love when that happens, means you're not putting all your creative eggs in one basket.

Will have to pick a less complicated era for August...I've only got two weeks left...

Monday, 4 August 2014

Getting there...

So I haven't delivered a finished project by the end of July but to be fair this is a very fiddly dress and I have got this far:

In contrast to the piped, pleated, gathered, and bias-bound bodice, the skirt will be relatively easy, so the early-Victorian-ish creation should be finished shortly. August's era may have to be an easy one. 1950s I'm thinking.