Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Costumes for sale!

I've been through my back-catalogue, and have so far only managed to part with two old costumes in order to make room for others. If you're interested please see my TradeMe listings:


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Brooch Dress Begins

I made one more simple dress, a pattern from 1931, before I started on something more meaty.

If you'll remember from a few posts ago I was trying to decide which bigger project to start with, and I've decided to start with a teens gown, for the gorgeous 100-year-old brooch from Bulgaria to go with.

It's going to be reminiscent of this gown of Cora's from Downton Abbey:

Here are the beginnings of it.

The guimpe (neckline insert) is made from some offcuts of lace from a wedding dress I made a couple of years ago (I throw NOTHING away), and the body of the dress is a deep chocolate brown stretch velvet. I am as yet unsure how I will embellish it, I just want to get the shape right first. Then, I'm sure there will be plenty of others following in its wake!

Also, as a final treat before I become a poor student, I bought myself a few more patterns. You can tell I'm Edwardian-mad at the moment, can't you?

Monday, 17 June 2013

Lady of Leisure

Sorry for the huge absence, folks! But I've now quit my job and have a few weeks off before my vet nursing course starts and I plan to make the most of it! To get back into the swing of things as I'm sure I've gotten a little rusty, I've started small...

...With this dress from 1958.

...This blouse a la Isobel Crawley from Downton Abbey.

...This dress from the late 40's.

...And this dress from 1922.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, my camera's a piece of shit!

I actually spent my first week off in Samoa, where cheap fabric is plentiful. I bought some beautiful maroon lace and embroidered satin intended for a yummy Edwardian gown at some stage, and a bunch of Pacifica-inspired prints (most are made in Thailand, but that's not the point). Also featuring in the photo below is Samoa's own beer Vailima, and it's bloody nice actually. The Export Lager was my favourite, and at 6.7% it's got quite a kick!

I may do one more little project before I start on something more epic, but I haven't yet decided what that will be. I keep changing my mind!