Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Brooch Dress Begins

I made one more simple dress, a pattern from 1931, before I started on something more meaty.

If you'll remember from a few posts ago I was trying to decide which bigger project to start with, and I've decided to start with a teens gown, for the gorgeous 100-year-old brooch from Bulgaria to go with.

It's going to be reminiscent of this gown of Cora's from Downton Abbey:

Here are the beginnings of it.

The guimpe (neckline insert) is made from some offcuts of lace from a wedding dress I made a couple of years ago (I throw NOTHING away), and the body of the dress is a deep chocolate brown stretch velvet. I am as yet unsure how I will embellish it, I just want to get the shape right first. Then, I'm sure there will be plenty of others following in its wake!

Also, as a final treat before I become a poor student, I bought myself a few more patterns. You can tell I'm Edwardian-mad at the moment, can't you?

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