Sunday, 24 February 2013

Go home, chocolate beer, you're drunk

I actually cheated and tried the chocolate beer a couple of weeks ago. My flatmate was right, it is gross. Well, it depends really. If you were expecting some kind of chocolate-flavoured liqueur, it might actually be quite nice. But if you're expecting a beer, I'm sorry, but it's just plain rancid. However, I didn't want to write it off that fast, as I am quite a big fan of my friend chocolate, so I tentatively tried it again. My palate was right the first time, it's foul. So this is what happened to it:

Actually that's just for shock value really, shame to waste beer in any form. Waste-not, want-not and all that. So I gave it to my better half, who incidentally features in the following photo that shows off the midnight-blue 1960 dress I made for last weekend's wedding. Instead of embellishing the bodice however, in a stroke of luck I found some scrap fabric that matched my shoes perfectly, so I made a sash out of it. Will have to pay more attention next time I work with stretch satin though. One corner of my whole-circle skirt is slightly longer than the rest, as gravity took advantage of only one bias-cut edge and no others. See that extra-long bit to the left of my skirt in the picture? Yeah...only noticed it when I was sprucing myself in the wedding-venue bathroom. Dammit.
Speaking of weddings, stage one of Operation Epic Bridal Gown is complete, but only my bride will know what that means :) The instructions for the pattern were not the simplest, so I took to the internet for answers. All the websites I found referred to the pattern as having 'easy to follow instructions'. Easy to follow instructions my foot. But after trial and error and reading and re-reading the instructions, I finally got there. Will be sending photos to my bride in a few minutes for her to squee over.
For next post I have a beer with the coolest name ever. I for one am looking forward to it. 

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  1. And squee I did, Shannon... Squee I did. Seriously, readers, you should be so excited about when this gown can be revealed!! :)