Friday, 12 April 2013

The Post-Wedding Dress Era

So my bride picked up her dresses today, and it feels rather odd not having them in my house anymore. In fact I kind of feel like when I was at uni and finished all my exams for the semester - the sheer relief and knowing that all your hard work is over. Then again, I won't be fully relieved until the wedding tomorrow is over and nothing has broken or fallen off :)
So where to next? Well, the lovely bride and groom recently gave me a gift card as thanks, and what else was I going to spend it on except fabric and patterns? So I popped down to Arthur Toye and bought a bunch of fabric. It's funny, even with free money I'm still stingy as hell. Even with a sale on I was in there for about an hour calculating what would be the cheapest for the best yield.
From left to right we have: cream check cotton, which I plan to use for an awesome mid-Victorian day dress at some point; some deep purple stretch brocade (Becs, this is the stuff I fell in love with - unforch though when I got there they only had 1.5m left - I got it anyway); some plain black cotton which I have a vague idea of what I want to do with; and some frickin yummy turquoise velvet, just because.

I have to say that the two older people who I assume are the owners of Arthur Toye need to brush up on their customer service skills. They were a bit rude actually, especially for how much money I was giving them. Not that I ever buy anything there full price anyway, but I'm certainly not now going forward.
I also ordered some rad patterns from Saundra Altman at Past Patterns which should hopefully be mailed soon. I've used patterns of hers before and they're awesome and easy to use.
I promise you wedding pics on Sunday, and after that we'll properly figure out what my next project is. It's not like I have a shortage of options!

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