Friday, 26 April 2013

Options, options...

So to keep myself occupied post-wedding-dress, I pulled out all of my fabric for ideas and inspiration.

And actually that's not even all of it. That's just the large pieces. Out of all that and my pattern stash, I came up with about ten pattern/fabric marriages that would result in delicious outfits. I want to somehow put them here on the blog and get you folks to vote for which one you think I should start with, but I've only got to far as finding the polling tool ( - but not how to embed it in a blogspot site...that will have to be figured out another day. (Unless anybody can help me?)
One project I knew I wanted to do straight away though was another Victorian Corset. I made one in 2007:
But that has since been used in a couple of historically-set stage plays and gotten completely munted. So I thought I'd make another, and make it even better this time.
I gathered together some better quality boning, hook and eye tape, and some yummy trimmings:
And restlessness from two days in bed with a cold earlier this week made me rather productive and in about 24 hours I've already got this far:
Next post I'll show you my other projects set for the near future and hopefully get you dudes to tell me which one you'd like me to do first!

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  1. Awesome! You should look into some of the one day courses (I think they even do them at night) at Made on Marion - I think I saw a corset-making one!