Sunday, 11 October 2015

I built a house!

Yeeaaahhh, so I haven't really quite been doing much sewing lately. I've kind of been distracted by my latest interest - building miniatures (read: adult dolls house obsession). So in lieu of sewing adventures, here's a few pics of what I've been up to lately instead:

The place still needs furnishing, and the chimney-top constructed, but doesn't it look fricken awesome?! It's a 'half scale' dollhouse, which means its only about 30cm high. I've bought two other 'full scale' dollhouses as well, one made up which I'm going to renovate, and the other which only has about two walls up so I can start that one almost from scratch. (Thank heaven for Trademe. Buying full-scale new would be thousands of dollars...)

I will get the nurse's uniform finished one day, I promise. Also, I took advantage of a pattern sale at Shitlight (I mean Spotlight) and picked up these scrummy 'Archive Collection' McCalls patterns from the 1930s. Maybe they will help get me back in the saddle.

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