Saturday, 3 May 2014

A little morsel to tide you over

Right, so, okay, it's somehow May already and I promised that it wouldn't be three months before my next post but it's closer to four. What the Jesus, Mary and Joseph?? Man the transition into a new career is a bitch, isn't it? Some major hiccups in my course, plus a weekend job in the industry that turned out to be more stress and ridiculousness than it was worth, plus feeling guilty whenever I did any sewing has resulted in bugger all to show you.

However, I'm still in semi-1930s mode thanks to Upstairs Downstairs, and have finished a dress from a 1935 pattern, and have almost-finished a 1934 blouse. Pictures to come. In the meantime though, you'll have to manage with a small tidbit from my exploration into Cat Couture. It's something Better Half and I always thought would be hilarious to try, and since mentioning it to friends they've all agreed it's a great idea. The other day everything was all getting a bit too much, so Better Half suggested I sew to relax, as it's the best way I get my flow on. So I thought "Fuck it! Let's do this!" and I spent a solid three hours making this little gem for our five-month-old:

We could NOT stop laughing

Doesn't he look smart?! As usual, camera's rubbish, but you get the idea. It's made from a heavily altered version of Simplicity 2695. We got two other patterns as well to cover all sizes of cat and dog to cater for friend's needs. This is just the beginning, folks. Just wait and see what costume I've got in mind for our prim three-year-old feline. She's going to love hate it. 

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