Thursday, 5 September 2013

I might as well face it, I'm addicted to piping

So in the end, for my maid's uniform, it was between Anna pre-1920...

...And Anna post-1920. 

And I only chose the latter because I didn't have appropriate white lace in my stash for the collar of the former, and, well, I wanted to do more piping. 

It's a very simple process - just cut diagonal strips of chosen fabric and sew them together to make one long strip. (Don't ask me why I sewed black thread onto white, I'm just lazy). 

Iron it in half lengthwise...

And, using a zipper foot, sew some string into the fold in one continuous length. 

I'm terrible at taking progress-photos, so here is a picture of the dress almost-finished. I just have to do the buttonholes really. 

The collar isn't quite the right shape, and I did have to add an extra little dart into it to to make it sit properly on the shoulders, so hopefully that won't be noticeable. Haven't decided if I'll actually bother to make the apron or not...knowing me I'll just get distracted by something else. Probably something else with piping. 

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